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Hi y’all! I’m Sierra and thanks for visiting my blog. After graduating with my M.Div. in 2015, I felt I had something valuable to say about living life as a Christian while enjoying the pleasures of the 21st century. A few months after starting the blog I realized that was a joke and I didn’t have time. I spent the next year or so failing at blogging, BUT on January 24th, 2017 (my birthday) I re-launched VIL, and we’ve been in an “it’s complicated” relationship ever since.

I’m NOT engaged, a mother, or fashion and makeup guru. I started VIL to share what everyday Millennials who are “saved-n-ratchet” have to say about everyday problems while offering a pastoral response. On VIL you can read about my struggle to survive graduate education and the workforce, watch response videos, chats on the latest topics, listen to me rant about race and health care or ramble about my favorite television shows. Poke around. Don’t be a stranger.